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Physiatrist in Honolulu, HI

Consult With One of Hawaii’s Top Doctors With Over 19 Years of Experience: Dwight Lin, MD. PRP Injections and Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis, Back Pain, Sciatica and Sports Injuries. The Office Is Located at 1380 Lusitana St, Honolulu, HI 96813. Call (808) 201-4410 and Start Healing Today! We Are Open 5 Days a Week for Your Convenience.

Physiatrist in Honolulu, HI

“One of the best kept secrets in medicine.”

Physiatrists (aka Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation or simply “PM&R” doctors) are physicians (MD’s or DO’s) with expertise in treating injuries to the body that affect how you move and function: muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints and the spine.

Rather than one specific body part (like a Cardiologist would specialize in the heart or Dermatologist would for your skin,) PM&R doctors focus on function: biomechanics and kinesiology – the analysis of how the muscles, joints and nerves work together – unique to each patient and their injury. Our treatments are more holistic and geared towards nurtured healing and optimizing performance, rather than pain management.

Education & Training:

After 4 years of college and 4 years of Medical School, physicians must then apply for acceptance into a 4-year residency training program in the medical specialty of Physiatry (pronounced: fizzy-at-ree.) After completing a rigorous written and oral examination by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, physicians (MD’s and DO’s) are then recognized as specialists in the field of Physiatry.


As a Physiatrist, Dr. Dwight Lin specializes in the field of Regenerative Medicine and Rehabilitation. By combining minimally invasive PRP (platelet rich plasma,) stem-cell and orthobiologic treatments with physical rehabilitation, he is passionate about using advanced medical technologies to help adult patients of all ages with arthritis, sports injuries, back pain and sciatica.

Most spine and sports physiatrists work collaboratively with orthopedic and spine surgeons. Fortunately for most painful conditions, surgery is the last resort.

“We strive to help patients without addictive painkillers and without surgery. When its necessary, we collaborate with Hawaii’s best surgeons to help our patients heal.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us at (808) 201-4410 or you may also make an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 1380 Lusitana St, Honolulu, HI 96813 – and we are open 5 days a week, Mon-Tue-Thurs: 8:30am-5pm, Wed: 8:30am-2pm & Fri: 9:30am-5pm. Come visit us today!

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